Whole Grain Artisan Loaf

From “Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.” I finally made my bread!! I bought this book at Half Price Books months ago and finally took the time to make it (I guess that’s what happens when Andy is out of town). I bought a beautiful red baking stone so that the crust would get crispy and it worked. Plus the baking stone can go up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit which is important considering how my oven likes to soar to untold temperatures. I need to set my oven to 350 degrees and it will eventually get to 450…the correct cooking temperature for this recipe. I used parchment paper to transfer the bread to the baking stone and then took it out 2/3 the way into baking.

Now for the bread review. I think it turned out pretty good. It was crispy on the outside and not too dry on the inside. I’m not sure if the inside was a little too undercooked but I will see what happens with the next loaf. I wish the bread was a little sweeter. I never would have thought that sandwich bread had added sweetener but since this bread had none I could really tell a difference. Overall, I thought it was very tasty and I’m excited to bake the rest of the batch sitting in my refrigerator.


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